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Cat Themed Stationery Set with Matching Stickers

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Introducing our purrfectly delightful cat-themed stationery set! Get ready to unleash a tidal wave of smiles with every piece. This collection comes complete with matching stickers that are as cute as a kitten's whiskers. Whether you're sending out some happy mail or just want to spread a little feline delight, this set has you covered. With these charming goodies always on hand, you'll be the cat's pajamas of snail mail! For all the animal lovers out there, this stationery set is a must-have. Grab yours now and let the kitty-inspired creativity flow!

What's Included:

• 3 Greeting Cards (A2 size, 4.25x5.5).

• 3 White Envelopes.

• 1 Matching Sticker Sheet.