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Don't Hurry Be Happy Sloth Vinyl Sticker

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Unwind with our delightful vinyl sticker featuring a contented sloth and the sage advice, "Don't hurry, be happy". It's a gentle nudge to take life at your own pace and savor every moment. Perfect for personalizing laptops, water bottles, or any surface you encounter daily. Let this charming sticker inspire a more relaxed, joyful approach to your day. It's a reflection of your personality, a reminder to prioritize happiness, and a conversation starter all in one. Embrace the sloth spirit and infuse a bit of tranquility into your life. Slow down, be present, and let happiness bloom.

• Made with durable vinyl with vibrant colours.

• Sized at 2.4”x 3”.

• Water and weather resistant.

• Removes with little to no residue, any residue can be easily removed with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.

• Made in Canada.